The Life and Teachings
of Jesus
A Restatement of the Gospels

162. Those Who Were Present

        25And it was the third hour,a when they crucified him.
        25Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary, the wife of Clopas,b and Mary Magdalene, 41and also many other women who came up with him to Jerusalem.
        39And those who passed by derided him, wagging their heads 40and saying, “You who would destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself! If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross.”
        41So also the chief priests and the scribes and elders mocked him, saying, 42“He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he is the King of Israel, let him now come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him. 43He trusts in God. Let God deliver him now. He said, 'I am the Son of God.'” 44And the robbers who were crucified with him also reviled him in the same way.
        36Then the soldiers sat down and kept watch over him there. 36The soldiers also mocked him, coming up and offering him sour wine.
        (Mk. 15:25; Jn 19:25; Mk. 15:41; Mt. 27:39–44, 36; Lk. 23:36)

a   “the third hour”—The third hour after sunrise. (New Oxford Annotated Bible, p. 1237) This would be around 9 o'clock Friday morning.

b   “his mother's sister, Mary, the wife of Clopas”—It would appear that Jesus' mother, Mary, had a sister (also named Mary), identified here as “the wife of Clopas.”

Jn. 19:25  Standing / But standing (RSV)
Mt. 27:42   (KJV) • he is the (RSV) / he be the (KJV)
Mt. 27:43  He said / for he said (RSV)
Mt. 27:36  Then the soldiers sat / then they sat (RSV)
Lk. 23:36  him sour wine. (Phi) / him vinegar. (RSV)   (187:3/2008)